Incubator Digital Control


No. KEMENKES RI AKD 20902410286
Construction Made of square pipe, steel sheet and acrylic
Base Constructoin Made of square steel pipe
Mattress Made of foam with vinyl cover
Power Supply and Consumption 220 VAC, 50Hz, ± 175 Watt
Temperature Control Digital system, 27° – 36° C
Temperature Alarm 36° C alarm test
Panel Control Temperature control digital system
Optional RH Indicator
Weighning scale
Castor Equipped with castor 4″, two with brakes
Handle Made of stainless steel pipe
Equipped with One cupboard, two shelf, and infuse stand and room temperature infuse stand and room temperature
Skin temperature Available
Painting Epoxy powder coating anti bacterial grade
Dimension SS Overall 1030 (L) x 560 (W) x 1200 (H) mm
Weight ±40 Kg
Spesification subject to change without prior notice